Student Trustees

The governing body of the University, the Board of Trustees, has ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of the University.

In particular, the Board has to ensure that the University is well-run, meeting its aims and working within its legal, regulatory and financial obligations.

The Board has two student members (the Student Trustees). Student Trustees have just the same rights and responsibilities as the other members of the Board.

Other members of the Board include the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, as well as other University staff and members from outside the University. More details about the current members.

It’s really important for the Board to make the best possible decisions, and so members of the Board are chosen to bring a wide range of skills and experience. Trustees make decisions for the benefit of the University as a whole, not just for their particular constituency. Although Student Trustees don’t ‘represent’ student views in the usual sense, they use their knowledge and experience of being a student in the Board’s decision-making.

Term of office

One year: from 1 July to 30 June. You can stand for re-appointment if you continue to be a student or a Sabbatical Officer. 

Time commitment

You must attend the meetings of the Board of Trustees, and you are expected to prepare for each meeting by reading the paperwork for that meeting (this is sent 7 days in advance). Most meetings of the Board of Trustees take place over one full day. You may also be asked to join one of the committees of the Board of Trustees.

The meetings of the Board of Trustees for the year

Core responsibilities

Who would make a good Student Trustee?

This role would suit someone who really cares about the University and is interested in how it is run. In particular, the University is looking for Student Trustees who are:

Ideally, Student Trustees will have leadership roles within Bristol SU, the University and/or our local community. You should have a good understanding of the issues facing our diverse student body.